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January 1998
Back issues or photo-copies of Newsletters, Information Sheets and Occasional Papers are still available
. Prices (incl. postage) Dfl. 0,50/page.

Information Sheets

No.1 T.R. Hardaker, INDIA: Silver punchmarked and associated coinage. Sept. 1971, 12 pp.

No.2 K.W. Wiggins, INDIA, Indian Native States: The coinage of Kishangarh. Febr. 1972, 4 pp.

No.3 B.N. Hayter, CHINA: The Southern Sung Dynasty 1127-1279 AD. Nov. 1972, 18 pp. Tables reduced in size; 30 pp full size tables.

No.4 N.G. Rhodes, INDIA: The coinage of Srinagar in Garwhal 1760-1815 AD. April 1973, 7 pp.

No.5 M. Mitchiner, Multiple Dirhems of the Samanid-Ghaznavid period from North-East Afghanistan. June 1973, 13 pp. Tables reduced in size; 18 pp with full size tables.

No.6 K.W. Wiggins, INDIA, Indian Native States: The coinage of Kishangarh. Part II. Sept. 1973, 7 pp.

No.7 R.C. Senior, THe coinage of the Indo-Scythians and Indo-Parthians. Nov. 1973, 7 + 11 pp.

No.8 N.G. Rhodes, INDIA: The coinage of Sikkim. Jan. 1974, 3 pp.

No.9 N.G. Rhodes, INDIA: The coinage of Manipur. June 1974, 7 pp.

No.10 N.G. Rhodes, INDIA: The coinage of Cooch Behar. Nov. 1974, 13 pp.

No.11 N.G. Rhodes and K.W. Wiggins, The silver coinage of the Dogra Maharajahs of Jammu and Kashmir. April 1975, 9 pp.

No.12 J. Lingen. INDIA: Indian Native States, Tonk State. Nov. 1975, 20 pp.

No.13 M.L. Tarizzo, Early Arab coins of Tunisia: Part I, The Govenors of Ifriqiyah 85-184 AH (704-800 AD) Jan. 1976, 10 pp.

No.14 K.W. Wiggins, INDIA: The Queen Victoria coinage of Bhartpur. Sept. 1976, 5 pp.

No.15 M.L. Tarizzo, Early Arab coins of Tunisia: Part II, The Aghlabids, 184-296 AH (800-909 AD) Nov. 1976, 11 pp.

No.16 N.G. Rhodes, The coinage of Bhutan. Jan. 1977, 14 pp.

No.17 L.A. Shaw, Survey of coinage in Burma since the 18th. Century, May 1977, 19 pp.

No.18 M.L. Tarizzo, Early Arab coins of Tunisia: Part III, The Fatimids of Ifriqiyah and their successors up to the establishment of Hafsid rule 296-625 AH (909-1228 AD). July 1977, 18 pp.

No.19 N.G. Rhodes, Tibetan Mints. Aug. 1978, 9 pp.

No.20 M.R. Broome, Mamluk Sequins. Nov. 1978, 5 pp.

No.21 F. Pridmore, The copper doits of Banjarmasin c.1789-1817. May 1979, 20 pp.

No.22 M.L. Tarizzo, Early Arab coins of Tunisia: Part IV, The Hafsid 627-982 AH (1230-1574 AD). Jan. 1980, 10 pp.

No.23 S.L. Goron and K.W. Wiggins, The gold and silver coinage of the Sikhs: part I, Amritsar mint. May 1981, 18 pp.

No.24 S.L. Goron and K.W. Wiggins, The gold and silver coinage of the Sikhs: part II, The mints of Lahore and Multan. Jan. 1982, 12 pp.

No.25 S.L. Goron and K.W. Wiggins, The gold and silver coinage of the Sikhs: part III, The Sikh coinage of Kashmir. March 1983, 13 pp.

No.26 S.L. Goron and K.W. Wiggins, The gold and silver coinage of the Sikhs: part IV, Miscellaneous Mints. March 1984, 14 pp.

No.27 R.C. Grossman, A Numismatic "King-list" of the Timurids. Sept. 1990, 4 pp.

No.28 K.W. Wiggins and M. Culver, The coinage of some Rewa Kantha States, Gujarat, India (Sept. 1996), 8 pp.

No.29 Wolfgang Bertsch, Chinese Chops - A Bibliographical Survey of Western Publica-ti-ons, January 1998, 8 pp.

Occasional Papers

No.1 D.G. Briggs, An annotated list of books on coins published in India 1960-70. July 1970, 9 pp. (on backside of N.L.'s)

No.2 M.R. Broome, Books in Print - Arabic Numismatics. July 1973, 2 pp.

No.3 R.K. Bright, A tentative Hydrabad date list. Sept. 1973, 2 pp.

No.4 P.D. Hogan, Books in Print - East Asian Numismatics. Jan. 1974, 2 pp.

No.5 S. Lachman, The gold coins of the last 6 Ottoman Sultans AH1259-1341/AD1844-1922. April 1974, 8 pp.

No.6 R. Vesco, Numismatic extracts from the ISMEO Review "East and West" 1950-1962. Nov. 1974, 7 pp.

No.7 R. Wright, China: The Peiyang arsenal mint. Dec. 1974, 5 pp.

No.8 R. Wright, China: Provinces of Fukien & Taiwan - Re-assessment of the work of the Foochow mint on the silver coinage 1896-1906. June 1975, 9 pp.

No.9 S. Lachman, A trial listing of the modern gold coins of Ottoman Egypt. Sept. 1975, 8 pp.

No.10 R. Wright, China: The Republican 20 cent pieces of the Manchurian Provinces and some notes on the Mukden mint. May 1976, 4 pp.

No.11 R. Wright, China: Aditional mintage figures for the Peiyang Arsenal, Fukien and Mukden mints. Sept. 1977, 3 pp.

No.12 H. Arroyo, The Ottoman Coinage of Tilimsan. Jan. 1979, 6 pp.

No.13 J. Lingen and K.W. Wiggins, INDIA: The Bundi-Kotah complicacy. March 1979, 3 pp.

No.14 D. Sellwood, Early Sassanian coinage and its background. March 1980, 11 pp.

No.15 R.A.F. van Laere, The larin: Trade money of the Arabian Gulf. Nov. 1980, 12 pp.

No.16 J. Cribb, Christian medals used in China. July 1981, 13 pp.

No.17 N.G. Rhodes, The Gaden tangka of Tibet. Jan. 1983, 20 pp.

No.18 J. Cribb, Script styles on traditional Chinese coins. Febr. 1984, 16 pp.

No.19 R. Mandic, Ottoman Numismatics: A Bibliography of Yugoslav sources. Jan. 1985, 4pp.

No.20 Simon Bendall & Michael Broome, Seljuq silver dirhams with Palaeogan counter-marks, July 1985, 4 pp.

No.21 M. Bates, Report of the Islamic Numismatic Workshop ot the 10th. International Numismatic Congress, London 1986. Dec. 1986, 4 pp.

No.22 M. Bates, Mystery mints of the Umayyads. Dec. 1987, 4 pp.

No.23 C. Barron, Traditional currency of Papua New Guinea, no.1 Kina Pearshell. Febr. 1989, 8 pp.

No.24 A.S. De Shazo, Hijra/regnal year combinations on Mughal Coins. Febr. 1990, 4 pp.

No.25 R.C. Senior, More Gondophares, less Azes and just who met St. Thomas? June 1991, 12 pp.

No.26 D.P. Mcintyre, On a newly discovered hoard in India. Aug. 1991, 4 pp.

No.27 P.J.E. Stevens, The coins of the British in India; silver fanam coinage of the Madras Presidency 1689 to 1807. Aug. 1992, 6 pp.

No.28 T. Goodwin, Imitations of the folles of Constans II. April. 1993, 6 pp.

No.29 K.W. Wiggins, Index of interesting items published in the ONS-Newsletter from 1976-1992. April 1993, 4 pp.

No.30 W.H. Pieper, The Ancient Indian Coinage of Eran, a fascinating new hoard. Oct. 1993, 12 pp.

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