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Report on Coinage and Money in the Seventh Century Near East seminar (Nov. 2003)
New members etc, other news etc
A correction to Fedorov's central Asian coin article
  • Collection of oriental coins in Germany, by Stefan Heidemann
  • An interesting Sicilian tari minted by Roger II, by Giuseppe di Martino
  • A twin standing caliph fals, by Andrew Oddy
  • Egyptian copper coinage in the 7th century AD: some critical remarks, by Michael Metlich and Nikolaus Schindel
  • A unique fals of Binkath (Shash province) dated 186 AH, by Vadim Kalinin and Luke Treadwell
  • Money circulation of Khwarezm in the early-medieval period, by Michael Fedorov
  • Some remarks on the coins of Qumm, by Roland Dauwe
  • A few more rare Indian ancient coins, by Bob Senior
  • Two coinage types of Eukratides II and the murderer of Eukratides I, by LM Wilson
  • The coins of the Bombay Presidency: the Bankot mint, by Paul Stevens
  • An unpublished Umayyad dirham of harat dated 80h with Pahlawa mint-name, by Stephen Lloyd
Supplement: The Indo-Greek and Indo-Scythian king sequences in the second and first centuries BC, by Bob Senior
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