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New and Recent Publications - 04/99

       ‘THE DECLINE OF THE INDO-GREEKS’ A reappraisal of the chronology from the time of Menander to that of Azes. R. C. Senior and D. MacDonald. Monograph 2 of the Hellenic Numismatic Society. 17.5 x 24.5 cm, 126 pages of which 70 are in English and 56 are the Greek translation of the text. 10 tables and three pages of plates plus map and several other figures and illustrations in the text.
       The following information has been provided by Bob Senior.
       The impetus to write this paper came from an overstrike identified by Dr. D. MacDonald. Published in this monograph, it is of Heliocles II over Hermaios and changes the considered order of these kings. A study of all the known overstrikes and examination of the hoard evidence completely revises the previously accepted sequences and shows a more logical succession of monograms and types. This necessitates a revised chronology for many of these ‘Indo-Greek’ monarchs. A possible peripatetic ‘Court mint’ is also suggested. The relationship with the early Indo-Scythian coinage is considered and the matter of who issued the posthumous-Hermaios coins. In an addendum a new and remarkable find is published, the coin of the ‘Indo-Greek’ king Artemidoros on which he states that he is the son of the Scythian king, Maues! This coin alone forces one to reconsider just who were Scythians and who Greeks in this time of transition. Several of the coins illustrated are unique or not to be found in other published works and this monograph will prove to be a landmark in future studies of this series.
       Printed in limited numbers, copies can be obtained from the Hellenic Numismatic Society or direct from R. C. Senior, Butleigh Court Tower, Glastonbury, Somerset BA6 8SA, U. K. (¥20 + p.p. ¥1.50 UK, ¥2.50 Europe or ¥4.50 world wide/airmail). Fax 0044 1458 850119.

       NOMIõMATIKA XPONIKA No. 16. The Journal of the Hellenic Numismatic Society.
       This publication is issued annually to members (subscription ¥22) and usually averages around 150 pages. Articles are usually in English with a Greek translation after them. The Journal is printed on high quality china clay paper. Articles of interest to ONS members in volume 16 are: The last Greek kings in India by R. C. Senior, which deals with the Kings called Strato who struck coins in ‘Jammu’ up to the rule of Rajuvula. Some early thoughts on the subject have appeared in past ONS Newsletters. The Tax receipt from Hellenistic Bactria by Rea, Senior and Hollis. Mostly in Greek but with an English summary, this article publishes a colour photograph of the only Greek parchment to survive bearing the name of a Bactrian king - Antimachos Theos. It also refers to two joint kings, Eumenes and a second Antimachos, thus solving the mystery of whether there were two kings of this name or just one. Two plates of Bactrian coins are included. Other articles are on Greek coins.
       The address of the HNS is A.Metaxa 28, 106 81 Athens, Greece. R. C. Senior has a few copies available.

       Vol. 15 had articles By O. Bopearachchi on Sophytes, the enigmatic ruler, a tribute to Kenneth MacKenzie (ONS member) by Hans Wilski and A. P. Tzamalis, a note by K.MacKenzie on A billet’ from Ophrynion, an article by P. G. Kokkas Concerning the Ottoman mint of Serres, and S. K. Kofopoulos The forged billets of Mytilene in the Ottoman period.

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