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Oriental Numismatic Society and Fitzwilliam Museum

Indian Coinage Study Day 1999
Pseudo-Mughal Coinage

       Saturday 12 June 1999
Department of Coins & Medals, Fitzwilliam Museum, Cambridge
10.15 - 12.45 Morning Session (chaired by Stan Goron)
10.15 Gather
10.30 Mark Blackburn Welcome
Shailendra Bhandare Pseudo-Mughal Coinage, some eneral characteristics
11.15-11.30 Coffee in the Cafe
Nick Rhodes Garhwal - Coins in the Names of Mughal Emperors
GENERAL DISCUSSION led by Shailendra Bhandare
12.45 Lunch (for those who wish, in the University Centre)
2.00 - 4.30 Afternoon Session (chaired by Nick Rhodes)
Neeraj Hatekar The economy of the Deccan region: an historian's perspective of the monetary evidence (provisional title)
Jan Lingen JAGANNATHPUR (Jaggernaikpuram): a Mint town of the Dutch East India Company
Ken Wiggins An unsuccessful East India Company mint
An Opportunity to see some Coins from the Fitzwilliam Museum's Collection.

Summing up by Nick Rhodes

Offers of other contributions would be very welcome.


This colloquium is open to all. There is no fee, but in order to organise adequate space anyone wishing to attend is asked to inform Mark Blackburn, Department of Coins & Medals, Fitzwilliam Museum, Trumpington Street, Cambridge CB2 1RB (tel: 01223 332917; e-mail: mab1001@cam.ac.uk)


By Car. Parking in Cambridge is difficult, particularly on Saturdays. There are four Park & Ride car parks on the principal routes into Cambridge, with busses to the centre (Drummer Street) leaving every 10 minutes and taking 15 minutes. The Museum is 10 minutes walk from Drummer Street. A Park & Ride map can be sent on request. The central multi-story car park (Lion Yard) gets full early and is very expensive. The one on Gonville Place (next to Parker's Piece) is cheaper and a similar distance from the Museum (10 minutes). Some parking is available behind the Museum, but if you wish to use this you should telephone Mark Blackburn in advance to reserve a place.

By Train. Trains from Kings Cross are half-hourly (at 15 and 45 mins past the hour) and take 55 minutes. The Museum is 20 minutes walk from the station, but there are taxis - busses to the centre do not pass the Museum.


There is a cafe in the Museum for light snacks and there are plenty of pubs in the centre or by the river. Those who wish to may go in a group to the cafeteria at the University Centre, which is 5 minutes walk from the Museum.


The Tourist Office (01223 322640) can advise on hotels or bed & breakfast. Alternatively, phone Mark Blackburn who may be able to help arrange something.

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